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Music, Performance and Media Research Unit

USW’s research Unit in Music, Performance and Media is based in central Cardiff, the UK’s  largest centre for screen production outside London. Our outputs are varied from award-wining feature-length documentary films and photographic exhibitions to major cultural monographs analysing creative texts and cultural processes. Our research is collaborative and multi-disicplinary by nature reflecting the reality of creative production in the creative industries.  

The Unit generates high-quality research with impact that is internationally-recognised and locally valued. Many of our projects are funded through either external research grants or arts awards. Our thriving research community supports researchers across career stages, including PhD students, Research Assistants, Early Career Researchers and Visiting Professors.  

Senior researchers in the Unit act as Directors of major Research Centres at USW, including the Centre for Media and Culture in Small Nations, the European Centre for Documentary Research, and the George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling