Improvisation Continuums: theorising practice across disciplines

12-04-2007 to 14-04-2007

Location: Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff

Audience: Public

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The inaugural Improvisation Continuums conference provided a forum for discussion and debate about the re-emerging place of improvisation in arts practice. Organised by Dr Rea Dennis the conference aimed to address the interdisciplinary nature of improvisation in composition, choreography, writing and performance. Drawing together artists, practitioners, teachers and scholars to share experience and findings from practice, the conference sought to consider the relevance of emerging understanding within improvisation in arts practice.

Hosted by the Cardiff School of Creative & Cultural Industries, and supported by the Theatre and Media Drama Research Unit the vision for the Improvisation Continuums is to facilitate dialogue and examine contemporary expressions of improvisation. Trans-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary in focus it aims to encourage dialogue across aesthetic disciplines: dance, jazz and popular music, theatre, live performance art, sound, spoken word, radio, visual art, film and performative digital media.

Keynotes speakers:
  • Stephen Nachmanovitch
  • Al Wunder
  • Ralph Yarrow & Tony Frost

With other papers from Chris Johnston (Fluxx), Rea Dennis, Jill Sigman (Thinkdance) and Kristin Nordeval, and performances by Mike Day, Gabriella Daris and Beth Kirkijan.