Events and Seminars

Media Music Drama (MMD) is a merger of two research groups: Theatre Media Drama (TMD) and Communication, Culture and Media Studies (CCMS). The new group has an active seminar series in which group members and invited guest speakers are given the chance to present and discuss their latest research on all things dramatic.

MMD has organised a number of symposiums related to research projects within the group. It has also hosted major international conferences on theatre and performance studies, such as the Theatre and Performance Research Association (TaPRA) Conference in 2010. Our conferences bring together not only UK and international academics but also policy makers and industry professionals.

Performance and Gender events are envisaged as spaces to explore, critique and enrich perspectives on gender and its representations in contemporary (visual) culture. While these issues appear ubiquitous, they can become institutionalised and work on the assumption that battles have already been won. We seek to establish an open discussion about gender and sexuality within performance. With an interdisciplinary focus in mind, we invite scholars, students, artists and practitioners to present and discuss work in, but not limited to, the following areas: Media; Film; Theatre; Performance; Literature; Music; Animation; Cultural Studies.

For any queries, or if you are interested in presenting at future events, please contact Jeanette D’Arcy ( and Dr Sarah Crews (

29 November 2017, CA B403/ATRiuM, 2:30pm

Performance and the Maternal

Dr Emily Underwood-Lee (University of South Wales)

13 December 2017, CA B403/ATRiuM, 3pm

Blue/Glas screening

Heledd Hardy (University of South Wales)

7 February 2018, CA B403/ATRiuM, 1pm

Gender, Performance and Boxing

Dr Sarah Crews (University of South Wales)

21 March 2018, CA B218/ATRiuM, 3:30pm

Performance and Gender Seminar Series

Ayla Holdom

17th October 2018, CAD109/ATRiuM, 3:30pm

Kay Dennis: Manifesto

Jeanette D’Arcy: The Woman in Black: A Feminist Failure?

21st November 2018, CAD105/ATRiuM, 2pm

Dr. Jennifer Whitney: Performing Wellness and Beauty on Social Media

6 September 2017, CA A419/ATRiuM, 11:30am

After Othello, Before Desdemona: Intersections of Race, Gender, and Class in Harlem Duet by Djanet Sears and Desdemona by Toni Morrison and Rokia Traoré

Valentina Rapetti (Università Roma Tre, Italy)

Chair: Dr Marta Minier (University of South Wales)

16 January 2018, CA B403/ATRiuM.

MMD Workshop: Supportive Processes for Practice-as-Research in the Institution presentation and documents

Dr Alison Matthews and Dr Jo Scott (University of Salford)

7 March 2018, CA A419/ATRiuM, 4pm

MMD Workshop: Exploring best practice in practice based research supervision around Europe

Dr Annette Fillery-Travis (University of Wales Trinity Saint David)

24 April 2018, CA B205/ATRiuM, 2:30pm

Becoming actor, becoming animal – and the cage of theatre’s institutional practice.

Prof. Ildikó Ungvári Zrínyi (University of Arts, Târgu-Mures)

Chair: Dr Marta Minier

30 April 2018, Theatre/ATRiuM, 5:30pm

Book Launch: Sting – From Northern Skies to Fields of Gold

Professor Paul Carr (University of South Wales)

15 February 2017, Zen Room/ATRiuM, 4pm

TV Dinners: Television and Eating

Dr Amy Holdsworth (University of Glasgow)

11 November 2015, Zen Room/ATRiuM, 3:30pm

Fields of Play: Storying Knowledge in Social Impact Games 

Dr Misha Myers (Falmouth University)

13 and 20 November 2015, Cathays Cemetery, 1:00pm

Cathays Cemetery Heritage Walk: graveyard voices

Professor Richard Hand (University of South Wales)

14 November 2015, Zen Room/ATRiuM, 1:00pm

Graveyard voices: the Cathays Cemetery Heritage podcasts

Professor Richard Hand (University of South Wales)

2 December 2015, Zen Room/ATRiuM, 3:30pm

Book launch: Adaptation, Intermediality and the British Celebrity Biopic

Dr Márta Minier (University of South Wales) and Dr Maddelena Pennacchia (Roma Tre University, Italy)

16 March 2016, Zen Room/ATRiuM, 3:30pm

Book launch: Listen in terror: British horror radio from the advent of broadcasting to the digital age

Prof. Richard Hand (University of South Wales)

6 April 2016, CA A419/ATRiuM, 4pm

Book launch: Adapting Graham Greene

Prof. Richard Hand (University of South Wales)

4 May, 2016, CA B205/ ATRiuM, 3:30pm

Assembling a platform to stage Participating Cultures

Dr David Goldenberg

Chair: Inga Burrows (University of South Wales)

11 May, 2016, CA AH006/Atlantic House, 6pm

Reflections on Director training methods in Postgraduate Education

Dr Eva Patkó (University of Arts, Tirgu Mures, Romania) 

Chair: Dr Márta Minier (University of South Wales)

5 February 2014

“I can’t believe he has died”: Post-object fandom, ontological security, and actor/character deaths

Dr Rebecca Williams (University of South Wales)

19 March 2014

Discourses of popular politics, war and authenticity in Turkish pop music 

Professor Lyndon Way (Izmir University of Economics)

27 March 2014 CA419, 4-6pm

Material Authenticity and the Renaissance of the Handmade: The Aura of the Analogue

Professor Susan Luckman (University of South Australia)

30 April 2014 CA419 4-5:30pm

Playlists and and Podcasts – Recording and Reception of The Loose Goose Radio Show.

Dr Peter Jachimiak and Steve Johnson (University of South Wales)

7 May 2014

Sting and the Gravitational Pull of Newcastle

Dr Paul Carr (University of South Wales)

9 May 2014 CA419 5pm

Scenic Narration: Between Film and Theatre

Professor Ildikó Ungvári Zrínyi (University of Arts, Tirgu Mures, Romania)

21 May 2014 CA204 1pm

Somatic and Kinaesthetic Approaches to Language for Students with Dyslexia

Dr Jodie Allinson (University of South Wales)

19 October 2011

Wonder, Fear and Fury: Shipboard Emotions on a 1526 Voyage to the New World

Dr Heather Dalton (University of Melbourne)

Gender Studies

2 November 2011

Location, Location, Location: Cult/Mainstream Celebrity in the Small Nation

Dr Rebecca Williams (University of Glamorgan)

Centre for Study of Media and Culture in Small Nations

16 November 2011

Love in a Cross Cultural Context: Muslims in Mixed Marriages

Professor Sharif Gemie (University of Glamorgan)

Gender Studies

23 November 2011

An Art of Our Own: State Patronage of the Visual Arts in Wales 1945-1967

Dr Huw D Jones (University of Glamorgan)

Centre for the Study of Media and Culture in Small Nations

7 December 2011

Difficulties, Differences and Discontinuities: Reading Women’s Historical Fiction

Professor Diana Wallace (University of Glamorgan)

Gender Studies

7 December 2011

Memory and Landscape: Displacement and Loss

Dr Owain Jones (Gloucester University)

Media Culture and Journalism

14 December 2011

A TV Show by Any One Name: The Changing Meaning of ‘Multiplatforms’.

Dr James Bennett (Royal Holloway University of London)

Media Culture and Journalism

25 January 2012

Jacqui Cochrane (Glasgow Caledonian University)

Scottish Television Drama and Understandings of Scottish Identity: Shifting or Stuck?

Centre for the Study of Media and Culture in Small Nations

3 February 2012

Dr Martin Willis (University of Glamorgan)

Open Fields? The Future of Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities

Media Culture and Journalism

2 March 2012

“An Unlikely Alliance of Welsh and Russian Filmmakers”: The Animated Tales from Shakespeare

Dr Maddalena Pennacchia (Roma Tre University)

Theatre Media Drama Unit

14 March 2012

The Forgotten History of British Television Drama

Dr Lez Cooke (Royal Holloway University of London)

21 March 2012

Hollywood in the world market – evidence from Australia in the mid-1930s

Dr Peter Miskell (Reading University)

Centre for the Study of Media and Culture in Small Nations

October 2010

Behind and below the glass: women in music engineering and production

Lloyd George (University of Glamorgan)

6 October 2010

The Media and Culture in Small Nations Sandpit

3 November 2010

A history of independent television in Wales

Jamie Medhurst (Aberystwyth University)

November 2010

Titillation at Homotopia: Reflections on gendered performance of the post-operative body

Emily Underwood-Lee (University of Glamorgan)

17 November 2010

The fashion industry in Wales

Tracy Pritchard (University of Glamorgan)

December 2010

Actoresau yn…dweud storiau/ Actresses…telling stories

Sera Moore-Williams (University of Glamorgan)

19 January 2011

National identity vs. commerce: an analysis of the opportunities and limitations for ensembles and musicians within the Welsh music scene

Paul Carr (University of Glamorgan)

26 January 2011

The exilic and Irish cinema

Lance Pettitt (Leeds Metropolitan University)

February 2nd, 2011

We Have No Earlids: Listenting for the REF

Professor Paul Moore (University of Ulster)

February 16, 2011

S4C, 1981 – 1985: Wales’ Broadcasting Experiment

Elain Price (Swansea University)

March 23, 2011

Poetics of Memory: Understanding and Expressing Survivor Testimonial

Professor Frances Rapport (Swansea University)

March 30, 2011

Reading the game: football and performance

Samir Singh (Arsenal Football Club)

April 6, 2011

Creating worlds: creating well-being

Dr Jacqui Harrett (University of Glamorgan) and Dr Patrick Ryan (University of Glamorgan)

June 29, 2011

Broadcasting policies in small European countries: challenges and strategies

Dr Petros Iosifidis (City University)

May 5, 2009

Historical Reality Television and its Audiences: Gender, Place and Nostalgia

Dr Ruth McElroy and Dr Rebecca Williams (University of Glamorgan)

May 19, 2010

The Production of Religious Broadcasting: the case of the BBC

Dr Caitriona Noonan (University of Glamorgan)

May 26, 2010

The Television Representation of 9/11 – a Comparative Analysis of Discourses on UK and Belgian PSBs.

Dr Gwen Bouvier (University of Glamorgan)

June 2, 2010

Towards an autopoetic conception of behavioural advertising audiences

Dr Andy McStay (Bournemouth University)

March 3, 2010

Doing Cultural Media Studies: German and Transcultural Perspectives

Miriam Stehling (Leuphana University of Lueneburg, Gemany and Visiting Erasmus Scholar at MCJ University of Glamorgan)

October 21, 2010

A View From Over Hadrian’s Wall’: Scottish Television Drama and its Relationship to the National (UK) and International Market-Place

Dr John Cook (Glasgow Caledonian University)

Supported by the University of Glamorgan RIS’s 'Contemporary Landmark Television’ project

15 October 2008

The Internet @ Home: Users and Genre

Dr Hugh Mackay (The Open University)

5 November 2008

Impacts of Emergent Participatory Media on Strategic Political Communication: Iraq 2003–2007

Dr Vian Bakir (University of Glamorgan; from 2010 Bangor University)

29 January 2009

Comparing Journalism Today: Violence in TV news in Germany, Russia and the UK

Thomas Petzold (Queensland University of Technology)

4 February 2009

Cultural Policy and Innovation Policy

Kate Oakley (City University)

4 March 2009

Widening the Focus: Moral Panics as Moral Regulation

Chas Critcher (Swansea University)

25 March 2009

Studying Stand-Up Comedy?

Dr Lesley Harbidge (University of Glamorgan)

22 April 2009

Creativity, Discourse and the Welsh Condition

Dr Terry James (University of Glamorgan)

7 May 2009

Reality TV: The Affective Economies of a Mediated Social/public Realm

Dr Helen Wood (De Montfort University)

Supported by University of Glamorgan RIS 'Contemporary Landmark Television’ project.

20 May 2009

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) of Audio Signals and their Application in Electronic Music

D. R. Jones and R. V. Watson (University of Glamorgan)

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